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Of all the excursions that we have in Adventure JetSki, the one and a half hour is the one that our clients like the most.

East alquiler de hora y media It will be directed by a monitor that in turn acts as a guide, making it unnecessary for the user to have any nautical title. 

On this tour you have time to enjoy a complete experience. Piloting and speed, photos and visit to islands, stop to swim and/or snorkel, entrance to the Mar Menor and even have a drink at a beach bar. 


The departure of this excursion, like all the ones we do in Adventure JetSki, starts from our base in the Marina of Las Salinas in San Pedro del Pinatar.
In our base we have changing rooms in case the client needs to change before the excursion and in case they want to take a refreshing shower after it. 
In our base we will take the necessary time to explain the operation of the jet ski and to explain the basic rules of navigation. For us it is essential that it be a fun, beautiful, exciting but at the same time totally safe experience. 


At the exit of the Port we will group up respecting the safety distances and we will head towards the Farallon islet

On this route we will spend about 20 or 25 minutes sailing, leaving the beautiful and virgin beach of La Llana on our right. 

When we arrive at the Farallón we will make a stop to rest and take the opportunity to take a few photos. This islet has a kind of cave that crosses the islet from side to side, which makes some beautiful photos come out to have as a souvenir. 


After a short rest we will sail south around Isla Grosa. This island is protected as a marine reserve, which makes it a stronghold chosen by seagulls for their reproduction. Sailing near the cliffs of this island is a very beautiful experience. At the end of bordering the island, to the west of it there are a series of buoys where motorcycles can be moored and if customers feel like it, they can take a bath. 

Alquiler de jetski


We will leave behind Isla Grosa and we will prepare to enter the channel that leads from the Mediterranean to the Mar Menor. 

The entrance to the Mar Menor must be done in single file and at a speed of 3 knots. By going so slowly we will enjoy a beautiful and curious landscape. It is an entrance through a canal about 30 m wide with buildings on both sides that give the feeling of sailing through Venice. A very nice place to take a few souvenir photos. 

Canal Tomas Maestre adventure Jetski


Once inside the Mar Menor we will find calm waters where we can give the motorcycle gas without risk. We will enjoy sailing in calm waters but with great respect for both swimmers and other boats. 

Finally, if you feel like it and we're in good time, we can park the bikes on the sand and have a drink in a beach bar inside the Mar Menor before starting the way back.

The hour and a half rental without license It is a total and unique experience.

Upon arrival at the Port we will send you the photos, you can take a refreshing shower and have a drink in the diverse range of restaurants offered by the Port of Marina de las Salinas. 

Perfect day to do as a couple, as a family or in a group, don't let them tell you. 

We are waiting for you, see you at sea. 

Salida en moto de agua a la escuela de Pieter
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